Temporary Hiring Reimagined

90 percent of companies consider non-traditional talent a critical, strategic driver of value.

Digital disruption has altered the traditional workplace and competitive dynamics, opening up a new cultural mindset in all generations. 
The worlds top talent faces an abundance of options as global demand for in-demand skills far outstrips supply.
In 60 percent of companies, 1 in 6 workers is a non-traditional employee, yet conventional talent acquisition, staffing agencies and outsourcing services are not bridging the gap. Deep expertise has never been more in demand or harder to find. That's where Elysium Solutions comes in... 

Elysium helps you innovate your people and project operations for greater productivity, security, quality and speed, cutting down your hiring time up to 75%. 
We provide pre-qualified professionals, sourcing highly curated worldwide marketing talent with diverse industry and project experience and remote working know-how. With our vast market and talent knowledge, unrivalled business ethics and a commitment to delivering authentic service from small to midsize businesses across all sectors and industriesElysium Solutions is designed so you can scale your workforce with confidence. 


flexi-resourcing solutions

Ethical Practices

A world away from global talent and freelance platforms. Elysium supports ethical and sustainable solutions to protect genuine talent and fair competition. 

Cost-Effective Resourcing

Increase Profitability

Replacing mid-level staff costs on av. 150% of the annual salary. Hybrid teams encourage strategic and disciplined resourcing decisions focused on skills and task-based delivery.  

Eliminate risk

Freedom to Scale

Scale without the burden. Avoid rigid processes associated with traditional temporary staffing and outsourcing agencies. No admin, long-term commitments or financial tie-ins. 
 temporary staffing agencies temporary hiring agencies

Save Time

Speed Igniter

70% of employers hire the wrong person. By removing the guesswork, frustrations and lengthy processes, Elysium's agile solution is built to drive growth and productivity.
 temporary staffing agencies temporary hiring agencies

Agile Workforce

Hybrid for the Win

Focus your internal teams on core competencies while our talent deliver on non-core tasks. Hybrid teams prove to be up to 40% more productive than traditional teams.

Transparent Pricing

Simple Transparent Pricing

We like to keep it nice and easy for everyone. With free access to our platform and network, only once you engage a professionals you
simply pay a 'per-project' service fee.


How to Build a Success Hybrid Workforce

A hybrid team is a creative modernised approach to bolster talent management initiatives for effective all-around business productivity.

A perfectly skilled in-house workforce is not always viable, no matter the size of a business. Hybrid teams allow companies to scale niche expertise, current trends and fresh perspectives quickly; freeing up time and reducing stress allows internal teams to focus on core high-value company activities whilst bridging any skill gaps. Diversity and inclusion are more accessible with a global talent pool, unlocking innovation and driving growth, important factors for any business in today's evolving workplace dynamics and social responsibility.  

To create a liquid workforce, businesses require flexible access to a wide variety of industry experts without the challenges and costs associated with traditional staffing agencies, temporary hiring and outsourcing services and without the risks associated with the gig or freelance economy and flawed AI algorithms. We believe in bringing back the human-first approach for authentic experience and personalised service. 

At Elysium, our motivation is your success. That is why we built a solution that offers traditional client service with a cutting edge talent platform designed for business. This combination gives you access to the hard-to-find and world-class talent you need without making a single compromise. 

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Kiren Chumber

At Elysium, our goal is to help clients innovate their people strategies to remain competitive while supporting and being supported by the very best creative talent in the market. We believe in uncomplicated resourcing with no compromise. We are a stone's throw away and happy to discuss your needs in person or by call.



Kiren Chumber Founder & Managing Director